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There is a huge variety of web content services out there.

Whether you are a new or existing business, obtaining fresh web content for your products and services is the key to gaining traffic to your site.

When you invest in your business you want quality.  Budgets are tight and oftentimes entrepreneurs fail to incorporate advertising and networking costs.  When this happens a search for the cheapest service is tempting.  Remember:  You get what you pay for.

You can find a cheap service, be completely dissatisfied and pay to have it redone – or – pay for a great service once and alleviate your worries.

Quality writing takes time and effort, research, with a sense of pride and caring for the content.  Unique and appropriate content is vital to establishing your website as an authority and increasing your status in search engines like Google and Bing.

My writing services include:

Website copy

– SEO enriched web page text

landing/front pages
about us

– Blog posts

– Unique product descriptions


– Books & Articles

– Products & Services

Article rewrites or Spinning

What’s the difference?

Ghost writing

Networking services:

Backlinks to comparative businesses and like-minded people increases your online presence.  Keeping up with your social networking is vital to gain and maintain traffic to your site.

Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter

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