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The difference between Rewriting & Spinning an article

If you are a client looking to update your website – or create a new one – you are going to need web content.

Let’s just say you’re a divorce lawyer and you want a website.  Great!  But how many other divorce attorneys are there that also have websites?

Hiring a freelance writer to create new and unique content is great but probably not necessary.  By finding a website that you aspire to be like, there are creative ways to mimic their site without plagiarizing them.  ps – Plagiarism is bad and can get your website or IP address banned from search engines.

Imitating a premier website is a great resource for formatting and outline ideas.  A good writer will research many comparable sites and compare the things they have in common.  They take the information and weave unique and creative content to help your site stand out.

You know that saying: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”  Okay.  But my goal as your creative writer is to blow the competition out of the water.  Just saying.

Example of a rewrite:


“We are a full service, general practice law firm located in XXXXX.  For more than 55 years, we have been providing a broad range of high quality legal services to clients throughout the Counties of XXXX, XXX, XX and more.  Our main areas of practice include family law, matrimonial, personal injury, wills and estates, real estate, criminal, traffic, contract law and more.  Our mission is to provide honest and practical legal advice and to render top quality legal services to all of our valued clients.” *


As a general practice law firm, we have been providing full legal services to our local community for over 55 years.  We handle our clients throughout XXXX, XXX, and XX counties with integrity and distinction.  Our services include family law, personal injury, wills and estates, criminal law and more.  For reliable and personal service, contact us.

*Albanese & Albanese Law Office was randomly selected during a Google search for the purpose of finding content to rewrite and present as an example.

See what I did with the rewrite?  I condensed it, cleaned it up and made it more concise, and inserted a call to order.

Article Spinning

Article Spinning is comparable to rewriting with a lot more work.  Generally speaking, only a company who writes for several websites will request a spun article.  They have a “base” article and want four or more versions of it.  The base article requires proper syntax so when the client takes the altered document and puts it in their spinning program the result is four “unique” articles that they can use on four different websites.

Original sentence:

When you get in trouble make sure you contact a good lawyer.

Spun sentence:

{When|If} you {get in|ever find yourself} in {trouble|deep water} {make sure you|be sure to|never hesitate to} {contact|call|get in touch with} {a good|an excellent|a professional|an ace|a good defense} {lawyer|attorney|law advisor|counselor}.

If you take the sentence with the syntax and place it in an article spinning program like EZ Article Spinner – you will see a variety of word combinations that still make sense.

All right!  Now that you know the difference, how can I help you?


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