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Hey freelance writers! What’s your worth?

As a freelancer many of us have a dilemma.  What’s our worth?

We all want to believe our writing is the best thing since sliced bread but the truth is – we all write words – but can we do it well?  Simply: no.  Everyone can sing too – but you’re not all Pavarotti, right?

I am a freelance writer on eLance – and just like anyone chasing a buck I bid on jobs.  Here is an example of an ad that absolutely drives me crazy:

  • I want an excellent writer
  • Research is involved
  • Minimum 500-word articles
  • Need 6 a day
  • No more than $2 per article

Really?  I mean…  REALLY???

Let’s break that down a little bit.

6 articles a day at $2/article = $12.00

That’s a minimum of 500 words each article * 6 = 3000 words a day
– not impossible or even difficult if you’re writing on subjects you already know and love

Now factor in your TIME.

Let’s say you are putting in a minimum of one hour of research per article.  Realistically it’s 2 (or possibly 3) if you are very thorough PLUS about an hour to write and self-edit.  That’s anywhere from 2 to 4 hours per article.

Even if you are dedicating 2 hours per article times 6 = that’s 12 hours of time.

So you tell me.  Are you worth more than a dollar an hour?  I know I am!

As a client looking for quality work – what are your chances of finding a really good writer at that rate?  That’s less than what a waitress makes without tips!

I’ve been writing for a long time – from silly rhymes to academic papers and everything in between.  A dear friend summed it up well for me.  Mr. Bruce once said, “Ink is in my blood.”

It is, indeed, Mr. Bruce!  I know what I am capable of and the time frame in which I can accomplish things.

A quality writer doesn’t wake up, snap their fingers and magically become a wordsmith.  It if was that easy, everyone would be doing it!  Right?  Time, experience, and education all play a part.  Before a writer bids on a job they know their time constraints, skill level, and the approximate time it takes to properly research and write content.

Mark Twain once said: “I never write ‘metropolis’ for seven cents because I can get the same price for ‘city’. I never write ‘policeman’ because I can get the same money for ‘cop’.”

Freelancers, do your clients know what you’re worth?
Clients, if you have a quality writer at $1 an hour you’ve got a gem – but you won’t have them for long.  Chances are you hired from a word mill and the lack of quality will show.  If you have to pay someone else to fix the first edition, did you really save any money?


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