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Past and Present: Figuring out my online identity

So I was going through my LinkedIn profile and something became glaringly clear:

I have a split personality.

Split Personality by HGEBlindWolf via DeviantArt

You see, when I first developed my profile, I was very much into the music scene and many of my connections are people from my Westminster Choir College days, musicians whom I had worked with or admired, and so on.  It was great for singing opportunities, watching for auditions, and the like.  It’s been several years since I put away my voice for other pursuits.

Circumstances, as they were made it important to find work-from-home jobs.  Writing, transcribing, moderating — all things I had done when my children were very young.  So my profile connections include published and aspiring authors, bloggers, editors, publishers, freelance artists and writers.

If my LinkedIn profile was my resume I’m certain a prospective employer would be very confused. The past endorses certain skills and the present endorses others.  Is she into music or is she a serious writer?  Oh, fie these years of life and experience!  I have too many identities!  And when it comes to a professional online profile, never the twain shall meet.  In one way it could be considered a good thing to be well-rounded and broad in interests.  In another way, I could be considered scatterbrained.

Would I hire me?

How does one amalgamate one’s past with one’s present and hope for a harmonious future in this freelance job market?

Do I have the time to recreate a new profile and leave the past behind?  Do I want to?

But if I don’t, will that inhibit the direction of my recreated/recycled self?

Who the hell am I anyway?


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