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About Me

Hi!  I’m Meredith Loughran.  mere

Before I get into my history let me tell you what I bring to the table.

    • Accuracy and attention to detail
    • Academic, Business or Creative voice
    • In-depth research where required
    • Deadline oriented with fast turnaround
    • Online community leadership
    • Finger on the pulse of small business or corporate needs
    • I work for you.  I never outsource a job to the lowest bidder because it’s my name and reputation on the line.

I’ve had an online presence since 1999.  If you did a Google search for merej99 you will see a large body of my work.

I started off in chat rooms and message boards and eventually graduated to making my own websites.  Back then I self-taught HTML and had several webpages on the now defunct Geocities.  (I miss that platform!)  I eventually found iVillage where I became a member, then eventually a volunteer before I was hired as a Community Moderator.

My experience branches into multi-level marketing (MLM) and direct sales.  I am a second-generation small business owner in retail and food industry – and I dabble in Amazon and eBay as a hobby.

I was previously a supervisor for a mid-sized newspaper – writing obituaries, occasionally writing legal ads, and I was the paginator for the classified ads pages.  On the print side I implemented the redesign and format of the obituary pages when they went from a 15″ to a 13″ tabloid, and finally to an 11″ broadsheet tabloid.  Not officially a “trouble-shooter” it was a way of life — anything to get the pages to press before deadline.  Sometimes we had to be very creative!

Writing is my life.  When not working for clients I work on my own material.

So, enough about me.  How can I help you?


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